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Some Thing You Need to Know in Rain Shooting

There are a lot of beauty scenes in the nature. Rainy scene is a special one among them. A rainy video or photography can express some special meanings to viewers. It is also a required course for a success video producer and photographer.

The hardest part of rain shooting is how to shoot the raindrop and highlight it. Want to take great rainy videos or photos? Besides keep practicing, there are also some things you need to know.

The light of rainy day is not stable. Sometimes the brightness is high while soon later the brightness is very low. The amount of exposure can be totally different. A solution is using a light meter.

Rainy day's shooting always has the situation of overexposure, that will extremely detrimental to the performance of the rain scene. Because the contrast of rainy scene is small, overexposure will make things worse. So, the common solution is reducing exposure and extending development.

Don't use the sky as the background while shooting but choose a dark background, so that it will highlight the rain. If is in the background, maybe water on the street, river or pond, the water ripples will be also helpful for the performance of rainy scene.

Rain will not vertical fall to the ground, so 45??will be a great choice for shooting. The shutter speed would better not too high, as the fast speed will freeze the rainwater into a small point without the feeling of rainy. If the shutter speed is too slow, the rain will pull to strips, the effect will not be good also. Generally, 1/30 sec to 1/60 sec will be better. Try both of them to get the one you prefer.

While shooting rainy scene, pay attention to the distance between the lens and the raindrop, a very little rain may also block the scene if the raindrops is too close to the lens too. Of course, sometimes it is helpful for special effects. Another thing you need to know is keeping your camera or camcorder from rain. An umbrella or plastic bag can consult this problem.

If you want to shooting at the windows, you can paint a thin layer of oil on the outdoor glass to express a rainy day.

Shooting rain scene with color film, due to the high color temperature of rainy days, the photos will seem to be partial blue color. It is needn't to correct, as blue tone express a cold feeling of rainy day.

If you are shooting at night, as the reflection of light on the ground or the surface of the water, the videos or photos can be more vivid, particularly if you are using the color film.Practice is the key of rain photography and video producing. You will get your own experiences after continuously shooting. On the follow-up work, I prefer to use Photo Shop to edit the photos while iMovie to edit the videos. But iMovie has some problem with the DV storing format - AVI. You may want to know how to convert avi to imovie. Visit my site , you can get your answer.