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Red Adidas Sambas

Red Pablo

Some time ago I was at a bar when a friend mine told this story about a high school friend of his, Pablo Valdez who wore red Adidas sambas. He was never seen without these shoes on. They used to call him Red Pablo. This guy would never say a word to anyone and kept to himself. But when he was on the soccer field Pablo knew how to score goals. He was quick, knew how to move the ball and always shot hard at the net. My friend said he thought the red shoes were his own small reward for the talent he knew he had, but didn't talk about.

Best Selling Soccer Shoe

Sambas are best known in black with three white stripes along their sides. They are the soccer shoe of choice for many professional and non professional alike. And they are one of Adidas best selling brands. The brand sells over 30 million shoes a year. The shoes feature soft leather and a low-profile gum rubber outsole to give players of all sports maximum control of their game. Although designed for high performance on the field, Sambas are a great leisure shoe. And they come in many different colors. The red ones that Pablo wore are definitely for the unique and talented.

Remembered Most

My friend ended his story of Pablo with an event that took place at his high school and I think it really defines talent. Apparently Pablo had maneuvered around the defense brilliantly and was coming straight on to the goalie, and instead of trying to shoot the ball around the goalie - which would have been an easy shot - he just launched a rocket straight at him. The ball went off of the goalie's leg and into the net. That is how Red Pablo with his red Adidas sambas is remembered most.