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Promotional Gifts - 3 Ideas for Building a Powerful Brand

There are many ways to use promotional merchandise. Three ways really stand out which I would like to introduce here.

There are the promotional gifts you give away to your best customers and employees. Then there are the incentives you give your employees for a job well done. And lastly there is the promotional merchandise you keep for your own in-house brand building. Use these promotional products correctly and you will take your brand to the next level.

In-house Promotional Products

Try to imagine the perfect office atmosphere. You know - the office that looks like everyone enjoys being there and is working toward a common goal.

More often than not, this office will have a strong brand presence. There could be personalised leather coasters and conference folders in the boardroom. You may be offered a drink in one of their logo engraved glasses or photo printed mugs. Often the staff right up to the CEO will be wearing some type of corporate uniform from classy embroidered polo shirts to stylish ties and scarves.

These little touches get noticed. How could they not be noticed? They help remind staff that they are part of a team and demonstrate to visitors that the business values their brand and wants to promote it.

Employee IncentivesMoving on from but closely related to in-house gifts are the gifts that you give your employees for a job well done. Everyone likes to be appreciated. Giving your employees gifts such as useful desktop gifts or logo embroidered jackets helps motivate and keep morale high.

I can still remember my first job out of university. We were offered logo branded gifts for practically everything. If we passed a test in the company training manual we received a pen or cap. If we met our sales targets, we might receive an embroidered windbreaker or desktop gifts such as a calculator or clock.

Receiving these gifts was important to all the employees. We competed to see how many freebies we could win just for doing our job. The fact was, each of these 'freebies' was helping to build the brand both at work and everywhere we took it!

Customer Gifts

It is so important to keep in touch with your customers. During the year you might like to send low cost logo printed gifts such as rulers, plastic pens, mouse mats and mugs. Each of these gifts are useful and needed around the office. Gifts that are useful get used and promote your brand better.

At Christmas time you may wish to present your best customers with top quality executive gifts. Gifts such as silver engraved clocks and digital photo frames branded with your logo get used often and they have tremendous staying power. Such gifts could be used for years promoting your brand all along the way.

What is your favourite promotional gift? If I didn't write about it here, perhaps you might like to share by leaving a comment. I could write about it in my next article and offer you advice on how to get the best value for your money.