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Dream Cars You Can Try in 2012

The Porsche Boxster

I know the Boxster is the poor man's Porsche (which isn't quite true I think as I don't know any poor men who could afford to buy one of these, including me) but I actually like the look of the car over some of the more expensive models. I'd want to try the large 3.4 liter engine version (new to the 2012 model) though and put it through its paces on a race track.

Aston Martin DB9 Coupe

This is one mighty car that I do intend to own in my lifetime. Now on my income that will probably take many years (where the DB19 will be the car to drive by then) but I'm going to do it. The design is beyond artistic, beyond sleek, it is truly a beautiful car where the designers clearly have thrown their heart and soul into the design and the vehicle in general. Try taking this around town then out on a country road and you should start to understand the true reason why this is one car that everyone who loves cars should experience as much as possible.

Ferrari 430 F1 Spider

As this list moves forward the price keeps going higher but that's not a problem if you hire one for the day. It still won't be cheap but in my opinion it's worth every dollar for the experience of driving a true supercar. The idea of a soft top look won't appeal to everyone but once you see it in real life it will be difficult not to fall in love with this stunning car. Like the Porsche, the F1 Spider should be taken on a track to get the full experience. Just take things easy though at it goes like a rocket.

Range Rover Vogue

We now move away from the supercars now and discuss what some believe are the plaything of the rich. I'm talking about a Range Rover Vogue. Is it an off road 4 wheel drive vehicle or just a trendy town vehicle to show how much money you have to spend on a car? I don't know but I do know this car has just about all the luxury add-ons I could wish for including heated leather seats, top end car Hi Fi system with a whopping 14 speakers to count a few. If you want to feel what it's like to drive a true luxury vehicle then I believe the Vogue is a good choice.

The Ariel Atom

This may not be attainable is it's from a small manufacturer making a limited number. Therefore you would have to really hunt around for somewhere to hire one but I'm sure it is doable. The Atom is one insanely fast car which I've read needs a lot of getting used to. I say read as I haven't been able to get inside one of these yet but it's on the list. The design is very 'back to basics' look which is completely different from the sleek supercars. Most of the car is open to the elements looking more like a Formula One car that a normal sports car. It does 0 to 60 in a neck aching 2.9 seconds! So obviously this is another car for the track.